Brooks Mencke and Kyle Packnick’s Group Mentoring Sessions – Academic Year 2013/2014

Group Mentoring Sessions

Jubilee Hall

Seton Hall University


Member Directory

Group Leaders

Kyle Packnick

Phone: 203-814-8994

Brooks Mencke

Phone: 612-296-9515


 John Boylan

Phone: 201-213-3313

Matthew Campbell

Phone: 908-572-4251

Vincent Molinaro

Phone: 908-947-4432

Kathleen Rennie

Phone: 973-275-2185

Kimberley Reynolds

Phone: 973-271-8613

Susan Schnell

Phone: 908-616-4457

Matt Sollie

Phone: 862-926-9265

Quentin Williams

Phone: 212-572-4822



Ara Barotilla

Luciano Cundari

Allison Giosa

Mark Janiak

Deirdre Kane

Zane Keller

Rowena Klein

Nicholas Luciano

Pilar Martinez

Brian McSherry

Matthew Pranaitis

Cameron Quisenberry

Carla Santos

Amanda Sulkosky


Team Goals

  1. To learn and grow from the real world experiences of our Executives.
  2. Build meaningful relationships amongst students and Executives.
  3. Promote critical thinking and problem solving skills.
  4. Determine ways to thrive in a slow job market.
  5. Remember this is a two way street; all parties are her to give and learn.


Session I (10/29/13) Review

Discussed Overview of Program

–   Amazing Opportunities

–   Format of Future Meetings with larger group

Reviewed Potential Discussions and Goals

–   Added TED Talks to Discussions

College Discussion

–   Executives offered insight into personal experiences

–   Kim Reynolds stressed importance of being involved

  • no class/club in particular

–   Flexible with concentration

  • Deirdre Kane reflection on five-year Accounting plan
  • Importance of taking break days (don’t burn self out)

Discussion of Student/Athlete

–   Mr. Williams reflection as Division I Athlete

  • Worked hard, but could have done more
  • Built strong connections, wished even more

–   Cameron and Cora discussed relationship with non-athletes

–   What can we do to strengthen bond

  • Partner with organizations for Community Service
  • Propose idea to Dean Strawser
    • Assist Athletic Dept. socially, academically, etc.
    • Serve as a resource
  • Support Athletes
    • All sports, not just basketball
    • S.H.I.P.S app requiring length of time with GPS ability

–   Two-way street

  • Athletes will supply opportunities as well

Importance of Forming Connections

–   Don’t underestimate anyone

  • Quentin now hiring students more impressive in college

–   School limiting by separating groups

  • Leadership housing, preventing students to meet others
  • Seton Hall Schools (Business, A&S, Diplo, etc.)

–   A students- professors, B students- judges, C students- make the $

Closing Remarks

–   Make meaningful relationships (Don’t burn bridges) – Never Know

–   College helps with first job – Prove self after that

–   Thank you, will set up one more meeting before end of semester


Session II (12/4/13) Review


– Relationships > Networking

  • “Networking” often gets confused
  • It is important for our connections to be meaningful

–   Quality not quantity

  • Don’t just contact blindly


–   Proceed with caution

  • Very different from other social media sites
    • Every contact, recommendation, etc. reflects you
  • Avoid blindly adding people you don’t know personally

–   Endorsements

  • Putting name behind each recommendation
    • Don’t endorse just because you have been endorse

–   Advice with using LinkedIn

  • Employers will find you if have the right criteria
    • Ex: “Student seeking internship”


–   Take advantage of them

  • Gain experience in field
  • Even negative experience can be beneficial
    • Helps us learn what we are interested in
    • Learn from mistakes

–   Can lead to job

  • Executives have promoted interns to full-time
  • Ex: NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell


–   Strategies for Interviews

  • Be on time and fully prepared
  • Be confident, but not too confident
  • Always follow up

–   Be honest

  • Easy to tell and important quality employers look for
  • Interview indicates resume

Closing Remarks

–   Build meaningful relationship rather than many business relationships

–   Honest and integrity show through

–   Thank you, will set up next meeting in January/February


Session III (3/4/14) Review

Balancing Schedule

–   Times makes itself – do what you will with it

  • Can usually take on more than you think
  • Find “me” time
    • Make this time sacred – need to have balance
    • Ex: Workout options have become more concise; Shouldn’t keep from work

–   Prioritizing

  • Things come up that are sometimes out of your control
  • Different people from various areas of your life need help/assistance
    • Must be able to decide what needs attention first
    • Understand that everything will eventually get done
    • Avoid being a “Get It Off the Desk-er”
  • Set own deadlines
    • Contrary to school, many jobs don’t have hard deadlines

–   Can adjust timelines

–   Don’t get into bad habits

Work and Home Life

–   Wake up with right mindset

  • Take everything in stride; One step at a time
    • Focus on what is possible today  and don’t worry about tomorrow
    • Be goal-oriented – both long and short term (Daily objectives)
  • Be positive and excited about opportunities
    • “In traffic, at least you have somewhere to go”

–   Family and Work

  • “The Feminine Mistake”
    • Studies show that couples who both work are happier
    • When women feel overwhelmed, rather than seeking help, they feel pressured to back out of job
  • Overcome Challenges
    • Meltdowns offer learning experiences
    • Importance of working together as a family
    • Consider alternatives

–   Many jobs allow for flexibility

–   Ex: Working from home

Closing Remarks

–   Build meaningful relationship rather than many business relationships

–   Understand what you can and can’t control and prioritize

–   Balance is key, whether it is your schedule, family, or work life

–   Thank you, will set up next meeting in April


Session IV (4/10/14) Review

Collaboration in the Workplace

–   Keep work and friends separate

  • Social relationship
  • Friendship goes beyond this to a different level of trust

–   When climbing up the corporate ladder know that politics exist

  • There will be brownnosing and kiss-ups
    • But keep an open culture
    • Exclusion of other people is detrimental to a work environment
  • Coattails
    • Will raise your own game because you associate with good leaders
  • Genuineness
    • People will know what your motivation is
    • Have a strong bond with others

Social Media

–   Facebook

  • Speaking to the world when you post
  • Way to reconnect

–   Linked-In

  • People you know can vouch for you
    • Inappropriate to ask some individuals for endorsements

–   Twitter

  • Useful for normal business-related things
  • Very public

Unwritten Rules

–   Always be respectful

–   Sarcasm doesn’t play in too well

–   Don’t ever make assumptions

–   Always do work like it would end up on the CEO’s desk

–   Mirror your audience when dressing for work or for meetings

–   Know your stuff and know when to give up

–   Things that don’t mix with coworkers:

  • Excessively drinking
  • Social media

–   Be careful what you put in emails

–   Always have a notebook and pen with you

Current Events- Be Up to Date

–   Know in order to have something to talk about

  • Know about your industry
  • Know about your company

–   Makes you more well rounded

–   Flipboard

Change in the Workplace and in Life

–   Change is going to happen in life

  • Take it upon yourself to own it and have a plan

–   Learn what you do and don’t like

  • Recognize where you don’t want to be

–   Stay open-minded and get experience

–   Speak up to managers but have awareness and be patient

  • “You have to lap yourself”

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