Business Innovation

Frank Diana, a member of the Leadership Advisory Council, has recently published his new blog as a form of mentoring both students and executives. Mr. Diana is the current director of business analytics at TCS Global Consulting. Students are encouraged to visit the blog on a regular basis to keep updated on business innovation.

Here is what Mr. Diana has to say about his newest blog post:

As Forrester describes in a recent report, we are in the midst of an unprecedented perfect storm of innovation. Big Data, Cloud Computing, Social Business, and Mobility have driven an aggressive digital disruption across many industries. This is playing out in the rapid business adoption of social computing and a rush to mobility. The resulting explosion of data from a growing number of channels further complicates the business environment. Cloud based services are viewed as an important factor in building agile businesses that rapidly respond to market changes. This environmental complexity is driving fragmentation, redundancy, and a need to rationalize the social, mobile, and analytic portfolio – while cloud portfolio rationalization may be in our future as well. The absence of holistic digital strategies that address all digital initiatives and data will slow the enterprise movement towards competitive advantage. Whereas past efforts to create this holistic view have been hampered by organizational silos, current and future efforts will add environmental complexity to their list of obstacles. Oversight, governance, alignment and direction have never been more important. The future of sustained competitive advantage hinges on the ability to effectively manage the collision of these disruptive innovations.

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