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UN News and International Days


The Convention on the Rights of the Child has been adopted by over 190 nations
and contributed to decreases in mortality rates for children globally. Mortality rates
for children under 5 years old have been halved, yet UNICEF reports that the odds
are still stacked against the poorest and most vulnerable. Read more here.

Sustainable fishing practices are gaining momentum in the developed world yet
developing countries are still struggling with “dangerous trends” in the fishing industry.
“Some 95 per cent of people hinging on seafood for their livelihoods live in Africa and Asia,
many struggling to make ends meet despite the degree of danger involved in the work.
Commercial fishing was rated the second deadliest profession on earth in 2019.”
Read more here.

What is the United Nation’s Goal of the month?

Sustainable Development Goal 6: Clean Water & Sanitation

“Today 1 in 3 people around the world lack safe drinking water. Nearly as many of them drink from a water source contaminated with feces. Many more lack safe sanitation, including 3 billion people around the world who don’t have basic hand-washing facilities at home. Yet, universal access to safe drinking water and adequate sanitation could reduce the global disease burden by 10 per cent and is considered the most cost effective health intervention.” Read more here.


International Days

November 19, 2019: World Toilet Day 

Nearly half of the world’s population today lives without safely managed sanitation –
essentially hygienic, private toilets that safely dispose of people’s waste.
An estimated 600 million people still practice open defecation.

Read more about how the United Nations and its partners plan to draw attention to
social, environmental, and economic consequences of the lack of sanitation here.

November 20, 2019: World Children’s Day
This year on World Children’s Day UNICEF Goodwill Ambassadors will meet with children
and representatives of member states in the General Assembly for a special event
commemorating the day’s importance.
Wear something blue to showcase your support of children’s rights!
More details here.

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