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Introducing Our New Youth Reps!

As an NGO associated with the UN Department of Global Communications (DGC), the School of Diplomacy and International Relations has the ability to select two youth representatives to represent the School at United Nations events and meetings. It is our pleasure to introduce our new youth representatives for this year: Mark Wood and David Gutierrez Arvidsson.

Mark Wood is a junior studying International Relations and Diplomacy. He also serves as a Senior News Correspondent for the Global Current and is a Staff Writer for the Diplomatic Envoy. He says:

Working in less developed communities has given me a unique outlook on social challenges people face daily. The work of the UN shows how increasingly interconnected we are, and the importance of inter-state relations to help solve the many problems that persist today. As a UN Youth Representative, I want to showcase opportunities for cooperation among people in different sectors such as; academia, non-governmental and youth engagements, through research and debates. It is important that we have dialogues, agree on fundamental norms and seek common ground on those we do not see eye-to-eye.”

David Gutierrez Arvidsson is a Master of Arts candidate in International Relations and Diplomacy with specializations in Latin America and the Caribbean and Post-Conflict State Reconstruction & Sustainability. He is the Team Captain of the Seton Hall Men’s Soccer Team and an Associate Editor at the Journal of Diplomacy. He says:

“Growing up in Sweden with Mexican roots has given me the privilege to first-hand witness cultural differences, but also common factors such as the importance of investing in youth. I believe that empowering young people is essential to reach the Sustainable Development Goals and to create a paradigm change that will pilot the world in a positive direction. My role as a liaison between the university and the UN would allow me to gain a better understanding of how to inspire young professionals to take the next step towards a successful career.”

Keep watching our blog and our Twitter feed for more from these new reps! Interested in working with the Center of UN and Global Governance Studies as a digital rep? Contact us:

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