Tech Startup Spotlight: Waymo

With the recent uptick in popularity for Artificial Intelligence, people are constantly asking how this new tool can be used to improve people’s lives. One avenue that has been discussed for years is self-driving cars. Almost everyone has heard of this mission for autonomous driving, but few realize just how developed far down the path we currently are. To some readers, it may come as a surprise that autonomous trips are being done at full capacity on public roads in some parts of the country every day. This article will take a deep dive on one of the leading tech companies in this sphere that is making this pipe dream a reality, Waymo.

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Waymo’s Self-Driving Feat

Since the discovery of machine intelligence, companies across the tech industry have been seeking ways to implement this technology in everyday activities for the average consumer. Waymo, the self-driving vehicle branch of Alphabet, has accomplished this feat as the first company to go public with its autonomous ride-hailing service.

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