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Tesla Is Selling a Car Karaoke Machine

Announced during the company’s Chinese New Year software update, Tesla stated that the company will partner with brand-new karaoke platform Leishi KTV. Other Chinese based Electric Vehicles Xpeng and BYD have already began advertising their own in-vehicle karaoke systems, which include headphones as well as microphones. These other EVs use the same karaoke system provider that Tesla owners will be using, Thunderstone Technology Ltd.

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Tesla’s German Gigafactory on Track for December Opening

The global automotive supply chain has been experiencing some difficulties in the past year due to a chip shortage. This will inevitably have an impact on the German car manufacturing industry, as Germany has one of the largest production values in the world and has global connections. The US electric car manufacturing company Tesla announced that it is closing in on its plans to manufacture Model Y cars in a factory near Berlin.

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