Instagram Update: Will It Drive Users Away or Create a Convenient Future for Fashion Brands?

Instagram updates: everyone hates it, but no one leaves it. No matter the amount of drastic changes Instagram has made, the origin platform for influencer culture and social media marketing derives from this Facebook-owned app. The app has set standards and opportunities for small businesses and influencers to utilize their platform as an advertisement and marketing tool over the last few updates. Last week, Instagram came out with another update with an inclusion of a shoppable module for users to buy anything they might desire approved pages.

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When an Algorithm is Your Boss

Algorithmic management is the basis of the gig economy which encompasses companies such as Uber and Doordash. By inserting workers and the contextualization of data, decisions emerge out of the algorithm that the gig economy uses to fuel their businesses. Decisions such as incentives, penalties and shift assignments are all decided by the algorithm.

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