My name is Keshav Agiwal, and I am a junior at Seton Hall University, double majoring in Diplomacy and International Relations and Philosophy with a minor in Communications. I am currently interning with the Gore Law Office as a client engagement intern. This internship has allowed me to develop a deeper understanding of the court system and the field of family law. While I work with clients and assist them in understanding court procedures, I also research how the law might apply to specific situations.

The skills and concepts I learned in courses like Cross-Cultural Negotiations and Public International Law have prepared me to complete my internship tasks effectively. Cross-Cultural Negotiations focused on simulations that encouraged students to communicate in ways that addressed the needs of all parties involved. In the course, we examined the norms of communication in different ethnic groups and how these differences could impact the effectiveness of communication between states. My internship has provided me with the opportunity to speak with a number of clients from diverse backgrounds and use this foundational knowledge to develop a closer connection with them – in turn allowing me to effectively help them achieve their goals.

Along with communication skills, I believe that strong writing is important in the field of diplomacy and law. Through my Public International Law course, I learned to analyze cases and write concise briefs that furthered my understanding of the law. Similarly, one of the most important skills I practice with Gore Law Office is the ability to write clearly and concisely by including only the most important facts of the case in briefs and memos.

The pandemic has forced many things to be done virtually. Although I am working from home, my supervisor has been working hard to give me the most of this experience. He hosts workshops and training sessions on different topics where I learn about interesting concepts and rules in family law, and skills I will need to succeed in law school. This experience has solidified my decision to pursue a career in the field of law. Though the workload and deadlines can prove to be a challenge, the results, and joy that some clients express at the end of the process keep me motivated to work harder and continue to help others.

I would recommend students interested in law to intern with a law office or attorney because it will give them insights into some of the daily tasks of lawyers. I am fortunate that my supervisor, an attorney, has been very transparent with me. He has taught me several important skills I hope to use as I grow professionally. I hope to keep strong connections with everyone I met at this law office, and I am certain that I will most definitely use the skills I gained through this internship in the future.

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