It is our pleasure to welcome you to the SHU College of Education and Human Services Response to Intervention/Special Education website. It is dedicated to the teachers and the soon-to-be-teachers of children who receive Response to Intervention (RTI) and special education services. Today, more than ever, this website is essential for teachers who diligently work to teach their students who are at risk for academic failure. The knowledge base that a teacher must have in order to supply the most appropriate education possible is immense in light of the many academic problems a student may encounter throughout their academic career.

Teachers need to have different strategies and resources at their finger tips that will enable them to address the many problems their students encounter. It is the joining of educational technology and special education that enables teachers to help their students “respond” to intervention strategies, by making these approaches easily accessible.

The Educational Studies Department at Seton Hall University is mindful that educators, who teach children that are either at-risk, or already in special education, do not always receive the support they deserve for the important and difficult challenges they face on a daily basis. We want our teacher candidates to be able to have up to date strategies and resources in all areas that impact on student learning. It is the belief of the Special Education and Instructional Design and Technology Programs at Seton Hall University that, as we move forward, this website will continue to grow and develop, so that all teachers are provided with the most recent and effective teaching tools.