2021 Keynote – Honan

Creative collaborations with art, music and engineering: improving the perceptual abilities of novice clinicians

Dr. Linda Honan, PhD, MSN, CNS-BC, RN, ANEF, FAAN, Professor of Nursing; Yale School of Nursing

Dr. Linda Honan is a Professor at Yale University School of Nursing (YSN). She has taught in this program since 1989, served as Curriculum Coordinator and Program Director of the Graduate Entry Pre-specialty in Nursing Program and been a consultant nationally to graduate entry programs in other universities. She teaches anatomy, medical-surgical nursing and is Associate Director of the Interprofessional Longitudinal Clinical Experience (ILCE) where she is responsible for the clinical curriculum for all first year medical, nursing and Physician Assistant students at Yale.

Dr Honan is a nurse scholar and clinical educator dedicated to understanding and developing effective and innovative techniques for clinical education in a multi-disciplinary environment. Known for her creativity and the development of novel and effective teaching strategies for adult learners, she has received numerous awards and is a Fellow of the NLN Academy of Nursing Education and a Fellow in the American Academy of Nursing.

She has developed the looking is not seeing and listening is not hearing program at YSN which uses art and music to support the development of nursing students’ physical assessment skills. Her research reveals that diagnostic observations can be significantly improved by training in the visual examination of works of art, that the narratives of student experiences can give insight into the process of learning nursing, and aural training with music improves auscultative abilities.

Dr. Honan precepts ILCE students on a surgical trauma unit at Yale New Haven Hospital. Her research interests include education of adult learners, creative teaching strategies, interprofessional education, qualitative clinical research, and narrative inquiry.