2021 Grano

The Ripple Effect of Trauma: Secondary Traumatic Stress in the School Nurse

By Catherine Grano

Catherine A. Grano, MSN, RN, CSN-NJ received her Master of Science in Nursing degree from Monmouth University in 2015 and currently works as a certified school nurse in the elementary school setting. A strong advocate for health promotion, Cathy involves her students in activities aimed at increasing physical activity, making healthy food choices and promoting healthy behaviors.Cathy is the Vice President of the Monmouth County School Nurses Associations, member of both the Education and Standards & Practice committees of the New Jersey State School Nurses Association, and a Johnson & Johnson School Health Leadership Fellow. As a matriculating student in the Ph.D. in Nursing program at Seton hall University, Cathy is currently exploring the experience of the school nurse in her research endeavors