How We Are Supporting the SHU Community + The Recognition of the Team

Seton Hall University Libraries launched its Data Services Team in Fall 2019 with the mission to help faculty, students, and staff, find, manage, analyze, and visualize data for their coursework in addition to supporting individual research needs. The predominant goal thus far has been to provide students with a premier research experience and support faculty members with their own research initiatives. The Data Services Team does this by way of one-on-one consultations and instructional workshops that are rooted in data literacy, data management, data ethics, and data software. The Team advises quantitative, qualitative, and geospatial mapping projects and can help connect individuals to software that aligns with their research. Seton Hall University offers a variety of different software to help the team achieve this.

In addition, the Team contributes to Data Services academic scholarship and is beginning to gain recognition for its work from this community across the country (please see below the conferences and presentations the Team has and is participating in). In tandem with the recognition, we would like to additionally commemorate the Team’s resilience to the challenges the pandemic has brought forth by refining their workflow to adapt to the changing environment and the increase in services.

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For further information, please view the Data Services website.

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