Introductory Guide to Technology Jobs

Dr. Joseph Ingemi, Principal Consultant at Pinarus Technologies and Adjunct Professor at Seton Hall University, has created an introductory guide to technology jobs which is published exclusively on our blog. The guide is for:

  • Students and their families, including adults thinking of a career change: this guide will allow students to organize their own due diligence and ask the right questions as they make decisions.
  • Guidance/career counselors at all levels: counselors are  forced to be generalists and often do not have the training in specific industries or careers. This guide can give them insight as they advise on educational and career decisions.
  • Educators at every level: courses and curricula tend to be taught in silos.  This guide might let educators focus on the end state of education and take an integrated approach to course development.
  • Business managers, owners, and human resource managers: this guide can provide a framework for how we hire, train, and retain technology workers.
  • Policy-makers and elected officials: this guide could help focus them on preparing our workforce to take advantage of technology and globalization.

Click here to read the complete guide – please leave a comment about the guide below. If you have any questions, you can contact the author directly at, or leave your question below; we will read anything that is posted and answer it as best as possible.

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