Dr. Joseph Andrushkiw Competition

Andrushkiw 2023


The 36th Joseph W. Andrushkiw Mathematics Competition was held on Saturday, November 18th, 2023. The event, hosted by the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, welcomed 90 students from seven New Jersey high schools; this represented a 50 percent increase in student numbers over last year, which was the first year the competition was held after a two year hiatus due to Covid.

The students took a 90-minute test covering a wide range of topics, including probability, combinatorics, logic, algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. Students were accompanied by parents and teachers, who were offered a tour of campus while the students took the test. The group really enjoyed seeing the campus. After the test, the students were treated to lunch in the Seton Hall cafeteria. The event concluded with an awards ceremony in Jubilee Hall, where the team scores were announced, and the top 5 students were recognized. The top scoring team was from Morris Hills High School, and the top scoring student was from Bridgewater Raritan High School.

The competition is named in honor of the late  Dr. Joseph Andrushkiw, longtime professor in the Department of mathematics and Computer Science at SHU. https://blogs.shu.edu/math-cs/2022/12/06/dr-joseph-andrushkiw/


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