Putnam Mathematics Exam

Putnam Exam

SHU Junior Mathematics major Dominic Kozlowski placed in the top 40% of approximately 5000 undergraduate students across the US and Canada who participated in the 83rd William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition. It was held on Saturday, December 3rd  .  Participants are challenged with a two-part exam, each consisting of six questions. Seven students represented Seton Hall University in the competition this year, the highest participation rate for the school in more than 5 years. We were represented by

Mathematics majors:

  • Michael Catli
  • Dominic Kozlowski
  • Jacob Mendelsohn
  • Leah Ramos
  • Anayelli Vigo

Chemistry major:

  • Jaruwat Maendl

Economics major:

  • Henrik Pettersson.

The students were prepared and proctored by Drs. Kristi Luttrell and James Phillips from the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science.


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