Graduate students in the
Museum Professions program at Seton Hall University explored the Morris Museum’s historic Guinness Collection, mining it for contemporary stories these mechanical musical instruments and automata might tell. Four themes emerged from this process: stereotypes and identity, public music, technology and innovation, and migration and memory.

This exhibition is the result of their work.

Student Curators: Christopher Bohm, Andrew Cates, Taylor Cavanaugh, Jacquelyn Deppe, Julie Golt, Shannon Hahn, Sarah Konyak, Sutherlyn Nichols, Emily Rainbolt, and Ilona Supel.

Organized for Seton Hall University by Professor Greg Stevens, Director of the Master of Arts in Museum Professions program; and student Project Managers Christopher Bohm and Julie Golt, M.A. Candidates.

Organized for the Morris Museum by Jere Ryder, Guinness Conservator; Anne Ricculli, PhD, Guinness Curator; and Sara O’Connor, Preparator; with assistance by Ronald T. Labaco, former Chief Curator.

Support for this exhibition provided by Gillian Suss, Collections Manager and Registrar. Lighting by Lewis Perlmutter, Bickford Theatre Technical Director; and Jimmy Warren, Assistant Technical Director.

Additional support provided by the College of Communication and the Arts, Seton Hall University.

Website Design by Emily Rainbolt and Julie Golt