We’re Not Stupid (We Know It’s the Economy)

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Table of Contents

  • From the Editor’s Desk
  • Know Your Enemy: The Changing Sophistication and Success of Maritime Piracy
    by George Shambaugh, Alyssa Huberts, and Aaron Zlotnick
  • Party On! Political Parties in European Foreign Economic Policies
    by Kostas Kourtikakis and Robert Pahre
  • A Tale of Change: China’s Cultural Initiatives for Security and Identity
    by Hongquin Zhao, Steve Coombs, and Chunzu Hong
  • Economics and Genocide: Choices and Consequences
    by Jurgen Brauer and Charles H. Anderson
  • Looking Back on Look East: India’s Post-Cold War Shift toward Asia
    by Andrew Kelly
  • America’s Managed (Dis) Engagement Policy toward Central Asia: Surveying the Challenges and Opportunities
    by Andreas Borgeas
  • On Nuclear Cascades and the Zero Option: International Governance and the Future of the Bomb
    by James Tegnelia

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