Continued Consensus? Volume XII, Number 2

Continued Consensus Volume XII, Number 2

Table of Contents

  • From the Editor’s Desk
  • Healthcare in the Emerging Markets: A New Frontier for Economic Growth
    By Gail S. Thronton
  • An Interview with Simon Johnson
  • Consolidated Institutional Cooperation and/or Competitive Fragmentation in the Aftermath of the Financial Crisis
    By Andrew F. Cooper
  • Russia’s Solution to the Global Financial Crisis
    By Nicolai N. Petro and Oleksandr V. Kovriga
  • Why the Greek Meltdown Became a Euro-Zone Crisis
    By Harmut Fischer, Elliot Neaman, and Shalendra D. Sharma
  • The World Bank and the Global Financial Crisis: The Reemergence of Lending to Middle-Income Countries
    By Matthew S. Winters
  • China’s International Coordination in Policy Response to the 2008 Financial Crisis
    By Jiawen Yang
  • A Pragmatic Ideal for Global Economic Governance
    By Barry Herman
  • Comparing Strategies for Countering Terrorism and Insurgenct in Southeast Asia
    By Jonathan R. Martin

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