Conflict in the 21st Century Volume XIV, Number 1

Conflict in the 21st Century


Table of Contents

  • From the Editor’s Desk
  • Old Wine in New Bottles: The Nature of Conflict in the 21st Century
    By Ryan Grauer
  • How Global Communications Are Changing the Character of War
    By Audrey Kurth Cronin
  • Cyber Domain Conflict in the 21st Century
    By Frank J. Cilluffo and Sharon L. Cardash
  • What Does Iran’s Cyber Capability Mean for Future Conflict?
    By James P. Farwell and Darby Arakelian
    Limiting the Unintended Consequences of Unmanned Air System Proliferation
    By Dennis M. Gormley
  • Towards A Consciousness of Inter-Nationality in Managing the Effects of
    Globalization and Enhancing Global Security
    By Avnita Lakhani
  • Environment and Conflict: Securiy, Climate Change, and Commodity
    By Shannon O’Lear and Adalric Tuten
  • Congress’s Efforts to Defeat Kony and the Lord’s Resistance Army: NGO
    Activism, Terrorism, and Evangelism
    By Ryan C. Hendrickson
  • The Return to Europe and the Rise of EU-Russian Ideological Differences
    By Maxime Larivé and Roger Kanet

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