Beyond the Arab Spring Volume XIII, Number 1

13.2 Beyond the Arab Spring Cover

Table of Contents

  • From the Editor’s Desk
  • A Conversation with Yaron Brook and Elan Journo
  • The Arab Awakening and the Pending Oil Pinch
    By Amy Myers Jaffe and Keily Miller
  • Europe’s Autumn? Popular Sovereignty and Economic Crisis in the European Union
    By Vincent Della Sala
  • An African Spring in the Making: Protest and Voice Across a Continent
    By Ernest Harsch
  • What is the Color of a Non-Revolution? Why the Jasmine Revolution and Arab Spring Did Not Spread to China
    By John James Kennedy
  • Tunisia’s Jasmine Revolution, International Intervention, and Popular Sovereignty
    By Peter J. Schraeder
  • Old Wine in a New Cask? Protest Cycles in the Age of the New Social Media
    By Afife Idil Akin, Carlos Encina, Michael Restivo, Michael Schwartz, and Juhi Tyagi
  • In All or in Part? A Look at the Unique States in the Arab Spring and their Collective Future
    By Alon Ben-Meir

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