Honors Program – Frequently Asked Financial Questions

Are Honors Program Students entitled to additional scholarship funding?

Many of our students receive significant merit and/or need-based scholarship funding, but there is no correlation between participation in the Honors Program and increased scholarship funding.  Participation in the Honors Program is not a factor in decisions about scholarships and financial aid.  These decisions are made by the Office of Financial Aid.

Are there additional costs for students participating in the Honors Program?

There is a $50 “Honors Program Fee” attached to each of the 4 Honors Colloquia for all students in the program (a total of $200 in additional fees) in order to complete the Honors Program.

Students majoring in the Biological Sciences (including biology and biochemistry majors, students in the PT and PA Dual-Degree program and students on the Athletic Training track) need to register for 19 credits in the first semester of their freshman year.  Since tuition for a full-time student pays for 12-18 credits only, these students will need to pay for 1 additional credit in their first semester. This 19th credit is necessary so that students can complete pre-requisites for subsequent semesters to be on pace to complete the Bachelor of Science degree and the Honors Program within the normal timeframes. The cost for this extra credit is expected to be about $1060 in Fall 2015.