Our Mission

We hope to provide students interested in finance and investing with hands on experience,¬†extending the mission of the Stillman School of Business of “transforming business concepts into practice.”


The Hall Street Fund (HSF)

The Hall Street Fund serves as a research arm for the Student Managed Investment Fund and is the overarching finance and investment club of the Stillman School of Business. At the Hall Street Fund, students of all academic backgrounds can build skills for investing and learn about careers in finance.

During our regular meetings we host workshops to educate members in the principles of equity research. Once students have completed this first level of workshops, they can move on to more advanced discussions focusing on a wide variety of topics including Portfolio Theory, the Fed, Bonds, Capital Markets, Futures, Options, and Derivatives. Members which demonstrate capability as well as leadership skills can be appointed to the Fund Leadership Board where they both educate, and provide direction for the Student Managed Investment Fund.


The Student Managed Investment Fund, a Student-Managed Endowment Fund

The Student Managed Investment Fund (SMIF) serves as the an extension of the investment concepts and research done as a part of HSF. As a part of the SMIF, students who have been trained in the principles of equity research at the Hall Street Fund can enroll in the Student Portfolio Management course BFIN 1004 & BFIN 1005 where they serve as Portfolio Managers for our endowment portfolio. A gift of The Stillman School of Business and the University Endowment Board, the SMIF has $155,000 in Assets Under Management.