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Special Symposium Issue 2021:

Global Health Justice and Governance

Guest Editor: Benjamin Mason Meier


Global Health Justice as a Foundation for the Future of Global Health Governance
by Benjamin Mason Meier, UNC-Chapel Hill

Health Injustice: The Dominant Global Narrative of Our Time
by Lawrence Gostin, Georgetown University

What Regulators Can Learn from Global Health Governance
by Cary Coglianese, University of Pennsylvania

The Links of Global Health Governance, Knowledge and Premature Mortality
by Prabhat Jha, The University of Toronto

The Urgency of Mutual Collective Accountability in Global Health Governance
by Jillian Clare Kohler, The University of Toronto

Global Health Justice: Reflections on Prah Ruger
by Kok-Chor Tan, University of Pennsylvania

Of Inequalities and Values: The Confusion and Hope in Global Health Governance
by Justice Nonvignon, University of Ghana

Global Health Justice and Governance: A Response
by Jennifer Prah Ruger, University of Pennsylvania


Volume 15, Number 1: Special Issue: Climate Change and Global Health Governance


Volume 13, Number 2

Chinese Global Health Diplomacy in Africa: Opportunities and Challenges by Olivia Killeen, Alissa Davis, Joe Tucker and Benjamin Mason Meier

Regional Health Security: An Overview of Strengthening ASEAN’s Capacities for the International Health Regulations by Gianna Gayle Amul and Tikki Pang

Sustainable Development Goals in Sierra Leone: Multisectoral Action to Address Persistent Health Challenges by Lauryn Garrett, Arwen Barr, Sowmya Kadandale and Robert Marten

Reforming International Health Agencies: Proposing an Inter-Disciplinary Approach through the Integration of Institutional Change, Network Analysis and Power Theory by Eduardo J. Gómez

Inter-Institutional Relationships in Global Health: Regulating Coordination and Ensuring Accountability by Mark Eccleston-Turner, Scarlett McArdle and Ross Upshur

Commentary: The Antimicrobial Resistance Fight, Like Trade, Should be Multilateral by Kermit Jones and Payal Patel


Volume 11, Number 2

The Role of Health Policy Think Tanks in Accelerating the Implementation of the SDGs in East And Southern Africa by Francis Omaswa and Patrick Kadama 

The 2030 Agenda, Sustainable Development Goals and Think Tanks in Latin America by Paulo M. Buss, Luiz Augusto C. Galvão, Sebastian Tobar and Luiz Eduardo Fonseca

The Sustainable Development Goals in the Central America Region: Current Situation, Challenges And Opportunities For Think Tanks by Walter Flores

The Role of Think Tanks and Academic Institutions in Implementing Health-Related SDGs in North America by Yanzhong Huang 

The Role of South Asian Health Policy Research institutions in Accelerating the Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals by Saadiya Razzaq 

Health SDGs And Europe: the Role of Regional Think Tanks by Oriana Ramirez-Rubio and Gonzalo Fanjul

What Approaches Can Schools of Public Health Take To Engage in Global Health? Reflections On the Implications of A Conceptual Synthesis by Donald C Cole, Suzanne Jackson and Lisa Forman

Friend Or Foe? Citizen Perception of Foreign And Non-State Actor Participation in the Health Sector in Africa by Ashley M. Fox

Is Improving Global Public Health Compatible With Saving the Climate? Exploring the Discourses of Health And Climate Change by Mari Grepstad and Berit Sofie Hembre


Volume 10, Number 2

Mapping Foreign Affairs and Global Public Health Competencies: Towards a Competency Model for Global Health Diplomacy by Matthew Brown, Julie Bergmann, Timothy Mackey, Quentin Eichbaum, Lotus McDougal and Thomas Novotny

Assessing the Importance of Tripartite Global Health Partnerships: Conducting a Nested Empirical Approach by Eduardo J. Gómez

Casualties of War: Polio and the Golden Millimeter by Claire Hajaj and Tuesday Reitano

State Agency and Global Health Governance: The Foreign Policy and Global Health Initiative by Kristin Ingstad Sandberg, Miriam Faid, and Steinar Andresen

Shaping Norms for Health Governance in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) by Marie Nodzenski, Kai Hong Phua, Yee Kuang Heng, and Tikki Pang

Expanding Humanitarian Global Health Capacity for the Human Good by Donna J. Perry and Melissa T .Ojemeni

Digitalizing Disease Surveillance: The Global Safety Net? by Clare Wenham

Three Eras in Global Tobacco Control: How Global Governance Processes Influenced Online Tobacco Control Networking by Heather Wipfli, Kar-Hai Chu, Molly Lancaster, and Thomas Valente

The Age, Gender and Residence Differentials in the Relationship of Intergenerational Relations and Chinese Elderly’s Subjective Well-Being by Li Zhang