by Lauryn Garrett, Arwen Barr, Sowmya Kadandale, and Robert Marten

By design, Sustainable Development Goal Three is unachievable by the health sector alone; instead, it requires coordinated effort harnessing commitment and action across sectors. As one of the most critical health priorities in Sierra Leone, high maternal mortality represents manifestations of deep, systemic and structural bottlenecks to achieving progress towards the health-related targets of the SDGs. In this analysis, we identify key linkages between maternal mortality in Sierra Leone and SDG thematic areas. Through this analysis, leverage points across sectors are identified to target multisectoral action towards reducing maternal mortality, and more broadly improving overall health and well-being. Three recommendations are highlighted to facilitate more effective approaches to multisectoral collaboration: Understand and clarify roles of various actors to identify shared interests and opportunities for coordination; develop an effective means of tracking, monitoring, and evaluating progress towards health as a foundation for accountability; and strengthen accountability and regulation of multisectoral action through incentives and penalties. The aim of this article is to inform future policy dialogue and negotiations towards achieving a multisectoral approach for health, and subsequent improvements in persistent health challenges in Sierra Leone.