Volume XI, No. 1

Reform of the World Health Organization

Guest Editors: Tine Hanrieder and Adam Kamradt-Scott


Same, same but different: Reforming the World Health Organization in an age of public scrutiny and global complexity
Tine Hanrieder and Adam Kamradt-Scott

Provoking Barriers:
The 2014 Ebola Outbreak and Unintended Consequences of WHO’s Power to Declare a Public Health Emergency
Catherine Z. Worsnop

Accountability, international law, and the World Health Organization:
A need for reform?
Mark Eccleston-Turner and Scarlett McArdle

Successful Governance Reform and Its Consequences:
How the Historical Drive for Shorter Meetings and More Time Efficiency Reverberates in Contemporary World Health Assemblies
Julian Eckl

The World Health Organization’s Historic Moment of Peril and Promise:
Reimaging a Global Health Agency Fit for Purpose in the 21st Century
Lawrence O. Gostin