Special Issue: Political Science in Global Health

Volume X, No. 3 (Winter 2016)

Special Guest Editor: Eduardo J. Gómez, King’s College London

Introduction: The State of Political Science Research in Global Health Politics and Policy
Eduardo J. Gómez

Ideas and Policy Implementation: Understanding the Resistance Against Free Health Care in Africa
Daniel Béland and Valéry Ridde

Framing Global Health as Human Rights: Learning from the Case of HIV/AIDS
Joshua W Busby and Ethan B Kapstein

Health Security and The International Politics of Zimbabwe’s Cholera Outbreak, 2008-09
Simukai Chigudu

Connecting Global Goals to Local Priorities
Duff Gillespie, Michelle Hawks Cuellar, Sarah Whitmarsh, Alison Bodenheimer and Sabrina Karklins

Constitutions, Civil Society, and the Politics of Pro-Poor Health Insurance Programs in the Emerging Economies
Eduardo J. Gómez

International Relations and the Global Politics of Health: A State of the Art?
Preslava Stoeva