Special Issue: Human Security and Health
Guest Editors:  Jack C. Chow, Susan Hubbard and Keiko Watanabe

Opening Commentaries

Provoking a New Agenda for Global Human Security
Jack C. Chow

Health and Human Security
Susan Hubbard and Keiko Watanabe


Human Security, Multipolarity, and Development Assistance for Health
Karthik Nachiappan

Human Security and Health in Singapore: Going beyond a Fortress Mentality
Lee Koh and Simon Barraclough

Nodding Syndrome in Post-Conflict Northern Uganda: A Human Security Perspective
Paul Bukuluki, Nyanzi Ismail, John David Kisule, Emilio Obuga, Lars Lien, and David Mafigiri

Framing Child Nutrition in Developing Countries from a Human Security Perspective
Raghavendra Madhu and Denese M. Neu


Human Security and the United Nations
Kazuo Tase

Fostering Health and Human Security in the Americas
Carlos Santos-Burgoa, Kirsten Brownstein, Betsy Eagin, and Luiz Augusto Galvao

Japan as a Champion of Human Security
Tomoko Suzuki


The World Health Organization Engaging with Civil Society Networks to Promote Primary Health Care: A Case Study
Claire Dickerson, Nathan Grills, Nick Henwood, Susannah Jeffreys, Ted Lankester

The Military Sector’s Role in Global Health: Historical Context and Future Direction
Derek Licina

Understanding Brazilian Global Health Diplomacy: Social Health Movements, Institutional Infiltration, and the Geopolitics of Accessing HIV/AIDS Medication
Eduardo J. Gomez

The Brazilian Response to AIDS from the 1980s to 2010: Civil Society Mobilization and AIDS Policy
Jane Galvao, Francisco Bastos and Amy Nunn

Human Rights and Global Health Funding: What Contribution Can the Right to Health Make to Sustaining and Extending International Assistance for Health?
Lisa Forman, Donald C. Cole, Gorik Ooms, and Merrick Zwarenstein

Improving United Nations Funding to Strengthen Global Health Governance: Amending the Helms – Biden Agreement
Timothy K. Mackey and Thomas E. Novotny

Civil Society’s Contribution to Budget Advocacy for Sexual and Reproductive Health: Findings and Lessons Learned from Three Country Studies in Bangladesh, The Philippines and Uganda
Clare Dickinson, Dale Huntington, Rene Loewenson, Terri Collins, Sujit Ghosh and Nel Druce

Is the Timing Right for an International Code of Marketing of Food and Non-Alcoholic Beverages to Children?
Rachel Irwin