The Pipers Call the Tunes in Global Aid for AIDS: The Global Financial Architecture for HIV Funding as Seen by Local Stakeholders in Kenya, Malawi and Zambia

Jerker Edström and Hayley MacGregor

Much theorising about global health governance has taken a view from above and we aim to complement this with perspectives from grassroots organisations and service providers. Based on a qualitative field study conducted in 2009, we ask “What are the implications of multiple major international financing structures for HIV on local and district-level responses in Kenya, Malawi and Zambia?” 130 interviews were conducted at national level and in six districts, triangulated across public and private sectors. Finding positive as well as negative experiences of engagement with Global Health Initiatives, we suggest that these initiatives should engage with each other, with governments and with local stakeholders to develop a joint Code of Practice for more coherent systems down to community levels.