Quality of Life Estimation with Structural Equation Modeling in School Aged Children with Asthma

Sheniz Moonie, Xuan Huang, David A. Sterling

Significant increases in childhood asthma prevalence and mortality has prompted federal and regulatory agencies to work towards a national framework to address childhood asthma. Quality of life is an important component of chronic disease, and the evaluation of healthcare outcomes. There is little discussion in the literature regarding the implications of QoL as a theoretical construct. This study determined the effect of asthma on the QoL of our study population and caregiver’s missed workdays on the child’s QoL scores. A negative relationship was found between the child’s QoL and the caregiver’s missed workdays due to their child’s asthma. The use of SEM and multiple group analysis can help increase awareness and understanding among the complex issues related to childhood asthma and quality of life constructs.