Featured Theme: Health and Governance

Architecture amidst Anarchy: Global Health’s Quest for Governance
David P. Fidler

Vicious Circle: HIV/AIDS, State Capacity, and National Security: Lessons from Zimbabwe, 1990-2005
Andrew T. Price-Smith

Bureaucratizing Epidemics: The Challenge of Institutional Bias in the United States and Brazil” for Consistency Purpose
Eduardo J. Gómez


Invited Article

The Politics of Disease: Governance and Emerging Infections
Elizabeth M. Prescott


Research Article

Ideology’s Role in AIDS Policies in Uganda and South Africa
Jeremy Youde

Combating a Collective Threat: Prospects for Sino-American Cooperation Against Avian Influenza
Andrew Erickson


Comments and Remarks

XDR Tuberculosis, the New International Health Regulations, and Human Rights
Philippe Calain and David P. Fidler