OGRS has rolled-out a newly revised and updated Pre-Award Principal Investigator’s Handbook, located on the OGRS website at http://www.shu.edu/grants-research-services/policies-forms.cfm . This is the first major revision since the previous edition was published in 2008.   The updated handbook includes information on policies, procedures, as well as hints and tips for proposal preparation and submission.


Investigators who are familiar with our traditional processes will find that the overall process they have been following will still work. The required approvals have not been changed. New investigators will find the information needed to navigate the steps involved with proposal preparation and submission.


An updated post-award handbook is planned for Spring, 2018.  For post-award questions, please reach out to OGRS or Grants Accounting.


Any questions regarding the Principal Investigator’s Handbook can be addressed to Nicholas Snow (nicholas.snow@shu.edu) or Franklin Williams (franklin.williams@shu.edu).