The National Science Foundation has made several changes to its biological science section that might affect submitted applications.

The Systematics and Biodiversity Science (SBS) cluster is going to be reorganized to support all research proposals that were formerly submitted to the Phylogenetic Systematics (PS), Biodiversity: Discovery and Analysis (BDA) and Genealogy of Life (GoLife) programs.

This change will be effective for preliminary and full proposals submitted to the 2018 deadlines for the DEB Core Programs solicitation.

All research proposals that were previously submitted to the PS, BDA and GoLife programs should now be submitted to the Systematics and Biodiversity Science (SBS) core program according to the requirements in the DEB Core Programs solicitation.

Further, to recognize a growing interest in macroevolutionary questions within the systematics research community, the revised SBS core program will now consider projects that look to test comparative research questions by collecting and integrating various data layers (e.g., genomic, phenotypic, spatial, ecological, geological, and temporal data) within a phylogenetic context.

Additional information is available here.