Write Club – Spring 2018

Write Club

Are you having difficulty finding time in your busy day to do your research and to write?

Are you looking for a quiet place on campus to work on your scholarship?

Then Write Club is for you.

The Center for Faculty Development has reserved the Faculty Lounge for several hours each week in order to provide faculty with a space to work on scholarship without interference. Not actually a “club,” “Write Club” is an outgrowth of the Summer Writing Retreat. You don’t have to have participated in the retreat, and you don’t have to indicate your intention to attend. You can take advantage of the space whenever it fits your needs. While in the space, you will be asked to turn off your cell phone, resist from doing email, and refrain from talking. You can come and go freely during the reserved time, as long as you do so quietly. Please mark your calendars for this semester’s dates and times.

Spring 2018 Dates and Times:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 3:30-6:30 Faculty Lounge, top floor of the University Center

Friday: 9:30- 12:30 Bethany Hall, Room 201


T 1/23

W 1/24

W 1/31

Th 2/1

F 2/2

T 2/6

W 2/7

F 2/9

T 2/13

W 2/14

F 2/16

T 2/20

W 2/21

F 2/23

W 2/28

Th 3/1

F 3/2

T 3/6

W 3/7

F 3/9

W 3/14

Th 3/15

F 3/16

T 3/20

W 3/21

F 3/23

T 3/27

W 3/28

T 4/3

F 4/6

T 4/10

W 4/11

F 4/13

T 4/17

W 4/18

F 4/20

W 4/25

Th 4/26

F 4/27

T 5/1

W 5/2

F 5/4

T 5/8

W 5/9

F 5/11

Contact Mary Balkun mary.balkun@shu.edu if you need additional information.

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