Introducing a new plugin, Appointments+. What’s it for? Suppose you’re managing a group of students available to work on specific projects in specific time slots. You can build a calendar, and assign tasks and people to times. Confirmation and reminder...

We’ve Upgraded!

This morning we upgraded to WordPress 3.4.2. It’s not a major release, so you probably won’t see any changes. According to the WordPress team’s blog, here’s what’s new: …we’ve identified and fixed a number of nagging bugs,...

Announcing WordPress 3.4.1

We’ve upgraded to the latest and greatest this afternoon. It took about 15 seconds, so your experience should have been pretty seamless. Find out what’s new after the jump… Live Theme Previews Gone are the days of rushing to update your header,...
New Plugins for Site Managers

New Plugins for Site Managers

Here’s few new items to make your site management time a little easier. The Custom Login Screen lets you work with the images, background colors, borders, shadows and gradients of your log-in screen. Here’s an example, which we’ve applied already to...

Four New Themes

Do you want to customize your blog? Really customize it? Four freshly installed themes give you more control than you ever dreamed of.

They all offer menus, custom layouts and/or colors, widgets, multi-columns, color schemes; and each has its own special tweaks – icons, sliders, fonts, mobile versions. The possibilities to make your blog unique will grow exponentially.

Some details on what they offer…

New Plug-in: Broken Link Checker

Do you have a lot of external links on your site, but you don’t have the time to review them all to make sure they haven’t broken? Activate the Broken Link Checker plugin.

WordPress 3.31

This afternoon you’ll notice a change to the dashboard — we’ve upgraded the system to 3.31. Starting with 3.3, there are some helpful differences. Other than the more compact left-column menu, you’ll enjoy the way you can upload images and...

Compress Your Uploads for Faster Pages

Upload files that are too big, and readers will get frustrated and simply cancel the download. Or, they’ll get the file but it will be cumbersome to work with and hard to navigate through. Here are some tips to make your blog posts a little lighter on their feet.

Get TLTC Blogs on Your Mobile Device

Get TLTC Blogs on Your Mobile Device

We’ve installed a slick new plugin across the blogs we host that provides a very clean interface for mobile phones and tablets. With it you get your choice of many custom icons — or you can create your own — and lots of flexibility with colors, backgrounds and menus.

Try your blog, and let us know what you think!