Clinical Teaching Experience


This is a model of a field evaluation used by a consortium of NJ Colleges – Fairleigh Dickinson, Caldwell College, St. Peter’s College, Centenary College and the NJDOE. ┬áThis is version 1.0 and the consortium is currently piloting version 2.0, which is based on the most recent InTASC Standards.


Under the new CAEP standards, institutions are asked to provide evidence of clinical knowledge and skills throughout early field experiences (developmental) as well as achieved levels at the end of a program. Field evaluation forms and scale language for sophomores and juniors are not expected to be the same as those used for seniors. At all levels, the expectation is to assess rich, meaningful information that reflects candidate learning and impact on student learning.

A starting point for institutions reflecting on their evaluation forms and scales is the question: What do you expect evaluators to focus on; performance across time? a single event? Is this clear to evaluators and to candidates?