Extended articles and essays on interreligious issues.

Monsignor John M. Osterreicher Papers

Courtesy of the Msgr. William Noe’ Field Archives & Special Collections Center at Seton Hall University. Special thanks to Alan Delozier

Monsignor John Osterreicher was a participant Vatican II, where he was actively involved in Nostra Aetate. Nostra Aetate was the Vatican II document that denounced Antisemitism, said that the Jews as a group were not responsible for deicide, and that said it was inappropriate to depict Jews as accursed by G’d.

In this interview, which took place before the opening of the ecumenical congress, Monsignor Osterreicher explains what Vatican II was and what his own role was expected to be. Osterreicher predicts that the council would have something to say about the Catholic Church’s relationship to other churches and to followers of other religions, including Judaism.

“Why Judeao-Christian Studies?” is a speech on upcoming birth of Seton Hall’s Institute of Judeao-Christian Studies. Seton Hall’s institute was planned to have research as its primary objective, with education coming second. The final draft of the speech praises the benefits of pure research and discusses the meaning of the term “Judeao-Christian.


Sister Rose Thering Papers

Into the New Millennium The State of Jewish-Christian Relations Today and Tomorrow: A Christian Perspective” Beginning with a discussion of ethnic cleansing in Kosovo, this lecture is a review of the improved climate of Jewish-Christian relations over the past several decades. Sister Rose praises the Catholic Church’s changing position on Jews and Judaism and calls for the Church to come even further into respect for Jews and Judaism.

In Remembrance of Martin Luther King” is about Sister Rose’s encounters with Martin Luther Kind and Anti-Black racism. Sister Rose explains that children have to be taught to hate and thus anti-racism education is highly important.

REMARKS – Sunday, December 2, 2001 Rally for Israel” In this speech Sister Rose talks about terrorism about Israel and how and why Americans should stand behind Israel.

Remarks at Yom Hashoah Menorah Dedication.” On November 11th, 2001 Seton Hall University dedicated its own Holocaust memorial. These are Sister Rose’s comments on the event itself and on the importance of teaching the Holocaust. Seton Hall University has a major program teaching teachers how to teach the Holocaust – Sister Rose praises this program.

Reflections on Solidarity and the Middle East Conflict.” This 2001 speech calls for Christians and Americans to stand by Israel during the ongoing Intifada. Sister Rose addresses the issue of declining Middle Eastern Christian populations, pointing that the cause of the decline is not a result of Israeli policies.

Remembering is Doing.” Beginning with a discussion of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, Sister Rose surveys the Third Reich’s policies towards Jews and the world’s indifference. Sister Rose claims that Nazi Antisemitism was facilitated by centuries of Christian “contempt teaching.” Sister Rose also discusses Christian Europe’s many righteous gentiles.

This address was given at “Yom Hashoah” commemorations in 2002. It begins with a discussion of the world’s abandonment of the Jews during the Third Reich and goes on to discuss the Catholic Church’s changing relationship towards Jews. Beginning with 1965’s Nostra Aetate and continuing with changes to the catechism and statements by bishops, Sister Rose describes a transformed relationship.