IRS Plans to Overhaul Arcane Tech With New Funds

While the Agency has big plans for the coming years, Yellen touted a handful of smaller but still ambitious changes that will be implemented in the next filing season. The IRS expects to triple the amount of taxpayers who are assisted in-person support centers, ensure that nearly 80% of callers reach an employee (a jump from around 15%), and enable taxpayers to receive and respond to notices online.

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Does Hybrid Work Mean Companies Are Downsizing?

Almost every profession was forced into remote work at some point during the past 3 years, sparking an appetite for hybrid workplaces in the white-collar American workforce. While the research regarding the productivity of in-office vs remote work is still hotly contested, the white-hot labor market is making it undeniable that the majority of workplaces will be forced to offer some form of remote work.

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