Female Athletes Are Emerging as Big Winners in the NIL Era

Since the NIL era began in July 2021, the NCAA has surged into a frenzy of endorsements for college athletes at all divisions of play. However, there has been a result of this new era that many did not expect to happen. Female athletes are recognized to be better suited for many endorsement deals and have been coming out on top compared to male athletes.  

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Netflix Stock Rallies After Company Hits Quarter Three Earnings Report

Netflix’s third quarter earnings release surprisingly surpassed its earnings expectations as it brought in $7.93 billion in revenue versus the $7.85 billion expected revenue. It crushed its net subscriber addition expectations as it brought in 2.41 million when it was only expected to add one million. The positive news caused the stock to rally after hours on October 18th as the stock gained 15%.

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AMC Launches Popcorn Plans for the Upcoming Year

AMC hopes to boost revenue in 2022 by selling its popcorn at kiosks, food stores, and convenience stores. The Today Show noted that AMC will also offer popcorn ordered from home or bought in “To Go” packages at theaters. The company plans to have fifteen locations by the end of 2022 and more by 2023, but the company has not yet disclosed the price for any of its popcorn products.

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