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2024 Presidential Candidate Spotlight: Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

With the 2024 Presidential Election approaching very soon, all of the candidates for the Republicans and Democrats have begun their campaigning with hopes to be nominated for their respective parties. The candidate highlighted in this article is a candidate that is seen as one of the more controversial figures in the race today for his tendencies to traverse traditional political lines on certain issues and provide strong statements on hot-button issues like the handling of COVID-19 and vaccines.

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Rodgers’ Fake Vaccination Draws Criticism

How can we know for sure that a person is actually vaccinated when there is easy accessibility to fake vaccine cards, heavy rules and social norms about the privacy of medical records, and a large stigma around the identifier “unvaccinated”, giving people ample motivation to lie. These questions entered the sports world recently when it was found out that Green Bay Packers’ quarterback Aaron Rodgers has been lying about his vaccine status for the entire season, and was caught after he tested positive for Covid-19.

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