Adani vs. Hindenburg Explained

Gautam Adani, the chairman of the Adani Group, has been in the headlines recently. Mainly for its proposed Carmichael coal mine in Queensland, Australia, with a 60 million tons per annum yield and a 189-kilometer railway line. This project has faced much opposition from environmental groups and the local communities due to concerns regarding its impact on the Great Barrier Reef, its contribution to global warming, and other issues it could bring to the surrounding communities.

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What Mass Tech Layoffs Might Mean For Economy

By the first week of December, Twitter had let go about half of its 7,500-employee workforce… But layoffs in the tech sector have been rampant both before and after the Twitter news. In 2022, 140,000 jobs were slashed from both public and private organizations in the industry.

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2023 ERP Trends to Look Out For

Business and tech are becoming more inseparable every year. Businesses rely on innovations in information systems to scale their product or services to the most productive level whether it is finance, accounting, supply chain, procurement, CRM or human resources, more companies are looking for software to bridge all these departments. That sentiment for an integrated information system is what has drove the ERP market for 50 years.

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