Pirates Pitch 2024

Seton Hall's Entrepreneurship Competition

Initial Application Template

Pirates Pitch 2024

Initial Application Template

Executive Summary


To enter Pirates Pitch 2024, please create a Word Document that is a maximum two-page, doubled- spaced Executive Summary of your proposed business, or existing business. 

Be sure to include your name, expected year of graduation, student ID number, and names and email addresses of other members of the team. All members on the team must be Seton Hall students.

Business Description: Start with a one or two paragraph summary of the business opportunity. Include the name of your business, a brief description of the product or service, your target market, and how you propose making money, or creating social good.

You should address the following in the rest of your Executive Summary:

Market Opportunity:  What  problem does your business solve? What makes your idea innovative? What is the size of the market?

Business Model: – How is the business going to solve the problem? Describe the business model and how your model will help you to create value in the marketplace.  What is your competitive advantage?  Who are your target customers and why will they buy your products or services? For existing businesses, describe business model and progress to date. What do you expect your costs to be during the first two years?

Management team: Indicate why your team is suited to capitalize on the opportunity discussed in the business description and market opportunity. Who are the key members of the team, and what role will they play?

Risks and Challenges:  What are the key risks and challenges you will need to overcome?

Funding: How much money do you need to develop and launch the business? How would you use your prize money?