Update for the Fall 2019 Issue

Acceptances for the papers were sent and we have recently received revisions on such papers. The Editorial Board will review the submissions once more to finalize what will be published. We expect to have the second volume out by October 2019. If you have any questions reach out via email to the faculty or student advisor in your area of inquiry.

-Locus Editorial Board


Locus Submissions for Fall 2019 Currently Under Review

A quick update: The Editorial committee for Locus has met and reviewed submissions for our fall 2019 issue. We will be responding to authors soon with feedback and decisions. The quality of the work has simply been outstanding and we remain bowled over by our student scholars! Please do contact us with any questions or concerns.

All best,

The Editors


Student scholarship read in 63 institutions, 45 countries since launch

According to data collected by the University Libraries, student publications in Volume 1 of Locus have been “downloaded 404 times, and read at 63 Institutions, 45 countries since October launch” with the top three downloads from the US (279), China (16) and the United Kingdom (15). These numbers were shared by University Librarian Lisa DeLuca ; see month-to-month readership data | See all-time readership data on SHU E-Repository/Digital Commons.


Locus Journal now online!

Since the launching of Locus Journal last Friday, October 19, 2018  student articles are already being read all over the globe. Lisa Deluca of the University Libraries shared the readership data below:

“On behalf of University Libraries, congratulations on the first issue of Locus!  We are excited that you are using our Institutional Repository Platform for this new open access journal.  Student articles are already being read around the globe (see below) and in the countries listed below.”

Country Downloads
United States 70
United Kingdom 5
Ukraine 2
Iraq 2
Denmark 2
Germany 2
Austria 1
Tanzania, United Republic 1
Ireland 1
Spain 1
Switzerland 1
Australia 1
See month-to-month readership data | See all-time readership data on SHU E-Repository/Digital Commons.

Inaugural issue forthcoming

The first issue of Locus: The Seton Hall Undergraduate Research Journal is coming out as scheduled on the 19th of October 2018! Ten undergraduate student papers from the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences/mathematics have been selected by the 2017-2018 editors. Watch this space for details!


Submissions Now Under Review

The editorial committee has officially begun reviewing submissions for the Fall 2018 inaugural issue of Locus. Thank you to all of the students—both current and recently graduated—who submitted essays for consideration. Please continue checking this site for updates concerning the review process. We hope to be in touch with authors within the coming weeks.


Locus to Launch Soon!

The College of Arts & Sciences is proud to announce the launching of Locus, an undergraduate research journal dedicated to the publication of scholarly work completed by SHU students. The journal welcomes undergraduate scholarship from all disciplines across the University, not just those associated with the College of A&S.

Locus is run by student editors who, with the support of faculty advisors from the Humanities, Sciences, and Social Sciences, will gain firsthand experience of the academic editorial process, from review of submissions, to manuscript preparation, to digital publication.

The journal has teamed up with bepress, a professional digital publishing platform used by a wide variety of peer-reviewed academic journals, including Antipodes, Walt Whitman Quarterly, and the Yale Journal of Music and Religion.

The editorial committee is currently accepting submissions for Locus’s inaugural issue, which is slated to be published this coming Fall 2018. Any scholarship completed by SHU undergraduates between the period of Spring 2016 and Spring 2018 is eligible for consideration. The editors encourage a writing style that, while erudite and conversant with the author’s specific area of research, is also accessible to non-specialists. Interdisciplinary scholarship—work that draws on theories, methods, practices, and/or perspectives of two or more disciplines—is especially encouraged. The deadline for submissions is Monday, March 19th.


Watch this space

The Locus Journal editorial committee has been meeting throughout the Spring 2018 semester; we will be posting updates to our work and processes as we prepare for the journal’s launch in Fall 2018.

Watch this space for items of interest to prospective authors (those who have already submitted their manuscripts) as well as faculty mentors and undergraduate students interested in publishing with the journal.

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