McKnight Endowment Fund for Neuroscience Invites Proposals for 2015 Memory and Cognitive Disorders Awards

The McKnight Endowment Fund for Neuroscience supports innovative research designed to bring science closer to the day when diseases of the brain can be accurately diagnosed, prevented, and treated. To that end, the fund assists scientists working to apply knowledge achieved through basic research to human brain disorders that affect memory or cognition.

The McKnight Memory and Cognitive Disorders Award supports programs that address mechanisms of memory or cognition at the synaptic, cellular, and behavioral level in animals, including humans. Each year, up to four awards are given. Awards provide $100,000 per year for three years and may be used for a variety of research activities, excluding the recipient’s salary.

Priority is given to proposals that incorporate fundamentally new approaches, as well as those that involve human experimentation. Collaborative and cross-disciplinary applications are encouraged.

Deadline: March 24, 2014

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Link to the RFP:



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