InnoCentive Challenge: Latrine Lighting in Emergencies

When people are forced to leave their homes by conflicts or disasters, they often relocate to refugee or displaced persons camps. Safety and sanitation are of prime concern and latrines are set up in blocks throughout the camps. There is a safety concern for people (mostly women and children) who use the latrines, particularly at night in the dark. We are looking for an economical, sustainable lighting system to minimize safety concerns so latrines are properly utilized.

When emergency camps are set up to allow large numbers of people to take refuge from crises and disasters around the world, sanitation and safety are of prime concern. Communal latrine facilities are set up in blocks; however they are often underutilized at night when it is dark for fear of harassment and attacks especially for women and children. Lighting systems have been set-up, but they tend to be costly as most camps do not have a central electrical system as a power source. Also, battery systems tend to get stolen for valuable parts. This Challenge is to design a lighting system for communal latrine facilities that will promote safety and utilization. The system must be robust, economical and not easily vandalized or stolen.

The challenge requires only a written proposal.

Deadline for submission: March 16th, 2014

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