The William T. Grant Foundation’s Distinguished Fellows Program is designed to increase the supply of, demand for, and use of high-quality research in the service of improved youth outcomes. To accomplish this goal, the program gives influential mid-career researchers the opportunity to immerse themselves in practice or policy settings, and conversely gives prominent practitioners and policy makers the opportunity to work in research settings.

The program encourages mid-career researchers to submit proposals that are designed to deepen their understanding of policy processes and practice settings. Similarly, the program invites policy makers and practitioners to propose projects that will enhance their capacity to recognize and use high-quality research.

Research interests include

  • How youth settings work, how they affect youth development, and how they can be improved; and
  •  When, how, and under what conditions research evidence is used in policy and practice that affect youth, and how its use can be improved

The program generally selects between one and four fellows annually. Each will receive up to $175,000 (including direct and indirect costs) for the total duration of the fellowship. Fellowships may range from six months to two years. The foundation also may provide a small grant of up to $25,000 to the fellowship site to defray the costs associated with hosting a fellow.

Letters of Inquiry are now accepted three times a year, in January, April, and August. The next deadline is January 8, 2014.

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