The American Society of Church History offers several prizes for scholarly works on religion and the Church. The prizes are as follows:

The Frank S. and Elizabeth D. Brewer Prize offers $1,500 to authors publishing their first scholarly work, or who have a contract to publish by the nomination deadline. The book topic should be church history, particularly, though not limited to, the history of Congregationalism. Nominations must be received by December 1.

The Albert C. Outler Prize awards $2,000 to the author of the best monograph, biography, critical edition, or bibliography published in the two previous calendar years in ecumenical church history broadly conceived. Nominations are due March 1 in even numbered years.

The Philip Schaff Prize gives $2,000 to the best book from the North American scholarly community published in the last two years. The book must present original research on any period in the history of Christianity, or make a significant synthesizing scholarly contribution. Nominations are due March 1 in odd numbered years.

The Jane Dempsey Douglass PrizeĀ awards $250 to the author of the best essay published in the previous calender year on any aspect of the role of women in the history of Christianity. Nominations are due August 1.

The Sidney Mead Prize offers $3,000 to the best unpublished essay in any field in church history written by a doctoral candidate or recent graduate whose manuscript stems directly from their doctoral research. Winning manuscripts will be published inĀ Church History. Entries must be submitted by July 1.

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