The Kress Foundation uses fellowships and grants to support scholarly projects that promote the appreciation, interpretation, preservation, study and teaching of European art from antiquity to the early 19th century.


History of Art: Institutional Fellowships provide promising young professionals with a two-year research appointment at a European art research center.  Stipend  are$30,000 per annum. Applications must be received by November 30.

Conservation Fellowships provide a wide range of post-graduate fellowship opportunities to develop the skills of emerging conservators. Fellowships last for one year and offer a stipend of $32,000. Applications are due March 10.

Interpretive Fellowships at Art Museums aim to encourage students to explore interpretive careers in art museums, strengthen ties between museum educators and curators and to expand the range of promising career options available to students of art history and related fields. Fellowships range from 9-12 months and offer a $30,000 stipend. Applications must be received by April 1.


History of Art Grants support scholarly projects that will enhance the appreciation and understanding of European art and architecture. Applications are due annually January 15, April 1 and October 1

Digital Resources Grants support efforts to integrate new technologies into the practice of art history, including classroom applications and online publishing. Applications are due April 1 and October 1 annually

Conservation Grants support the professional practice of art conservation, including conservation research, scholarly publications, international conferences and symposia. Applications are due January 15, April 1 and October 1 annually.

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