Louisville Institute Religious Grants

The Louisville Institute offers grants to support research and inquiry by scholar/pastors and scholar/educators that strengthen the religious life of North American Christians and their institutions while simultaneously advancing American religious and theological scholarship. The institute currently has four grant programs:

  • The Pastoral Study Program supports pastoral inquiry about (a) Christian faith and life, (b) religious institutions, and (c) pastoral leadership, so that the faith and life of all Christians, the vitality of their institutions, and the work of pastoral leaders might be strengthened. Grants are worth up to $15,000 and their length depends on the needs of the applicant. Applications are due September 1 annually.
  • Project grants for researchers support research, reflection, and writing by academics and pastors that can contribute to the life of the churches in North America. Proposals should enhance understanding of important issues concerning Christian faith and life, pastoral leadership, and/or religious institutions and might include short-term periods of research, consultations about one’s research involving pastors and academics, or collaborative, innovative projects that promise to strengthen the church. Grants will not exceed $25,000 and the length of the research period may vary. Applications are due annually October 1.
  • Sabbatical grants for researchers identify and support ecclesially-engaged academics and intellectually-astute pastoral and religious leaders whose scholarly research work can improve understanding of important issues concerning Christian faith and life, pastoral leadership, and/or religious institutions. These grants provide up to $40,000 to support nine to twelve month sabbatical research. Applications are due annually November 1.
  • The First Book Grant Program for Minority Scholars assists junior, non-tenured religion scholars of color to complete a major research and book project, focusing on some issue pertaining to American Christianity in North America. Grants will not exceed $40,000 and sabbatical leaves cannot be less than an academic year.

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