NSF’s Combinatorics program supports research on discrete structures and includes algebraic, enumerative, existential, extremal, geometric, and probabilistic combinatorics, including graph theory. This program is a subsidiary of the larger Conferences and Workshops in the Mathematical Sciences program, which funds conferences, workshops, research and training, and other related activities. Examples of related activities include longer-term or larger-scale events such as multi-institutional regional meetings, summer or winter schools, and international travel by groups of mathematical scientists. Priorities for this solicitation include:

  • Breadth and diversity of participation, in order to help more mathematical scientists stay abreast of developments in the discipline;
  • Involvement of students and junior investigators and of individuals from under-represented groups, in order to contribute to the development of the nation’s science personnel base;
  • Connection to frontiers in the mathematical sciences, to NSF research priorities, and to federal initiatives and strategic areas, in order to advance the mathematical sciences and to strengthen the interchanges between the mathematical sciences and other science and engineering disciplines;
  • Overall impact on the US mathematical sciences community.

The program will award up to $4,000,000 per year, pending availability of funds. Applications for the Combinatorics program are due annually on the first Tuesday of October (which this year is October 1). For more information, see the link below: