The Jacobs Research Funds (JRF) for Native American Research

The JRF funds research on Native Americans, with priority given to endangered cultures and languages and to research on the Pacific Northwest. However, other areas will be funded if possible. Funded projects typically focus on linguistic analysis, social-cultural anthropology, ethnolinguistics, or sociolinguistics. Especially appropriate are field studies that address cultural expressive systems, such as music, language, dance, mythology, world view, folk taxonomy, art, intellectual life, and religion. Also appropriate are projects focusing on cultural and linguistic forms in modern contexts – for example, traditional environmental knowledge or social organization.

JRF has three different funding mechanisms. Individual grants provide up to $3000 to support research administered by a single investigator or on a focused problem. Group grants provide up to $6000 for two or more researchers working on the same or similar projects. Kinkade grants provide up to $9000 for projects requiring an intense period of fieldwork. Applications are due February 15, 2013. For more information, see the link below:

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